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enter hungary

Our team of experts, lawyers and former immigration officers provides a full range of services for all those who plan to enter, settle, work, study, invest in Hungary or to extend any of their previously granted pemits.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can handle our customer's needs with complete security and efficiency, as quickly as possible and only at the expense of the most necessary costs.



can provide professional assistance to those who contact us in connection with a residence permit or with any other immigration related case.

Our services include

among other things, the fast and efficient handling of matters related to work, income or study residence permits. Whether you are applying for, or renewing your current permit, our team of experts is at your disposal.

Given that this type of permit affects the majority of our customers, and that obtaining this type of permit is particularly difficult, please be sure to consult with our experts before embarking on the permitting process alone!

If you want to be sure and want your application to be judged quickly and positively by the authority, contact our team of experts!


Despite the fact that Hungary is becoming an increasingly popular destination for foreigners, immigration procedures are rather opaque, complicated and strict. Without the help of our experts, the applications can easily be faulty, end in failure, which ultimately means that the client has to leave the country or can not enter even.

Our team has been dealing with residence permits, permanent residence permits and other immigration matters for a long time. We know the exact details of these procedures, we are well aware of the expectations of the acting authorities, so we can assure our clients that their applications fully comply with all the rules and thus has a high chance of being judged positively.


Hungary is one of the fastest growing, most exciting jewelry boxes in Europe and still to be discovered for most of the world. In addition, as a member of the EU, Hungary has many privileges that make it a potential destination for those who want to study, work or settle anywhere in Europe.


  • Hungary is a Schengen Member State,
  • Holders of a Hungarian residence permit are free to travel within Europe without a visa and any additional permits,
  • Living in Hungary is cheap,
  • Doing business in Hungary is cheap,
  • Hungary has excellent public security and legal certainty,
  • Hungary has a strict protection of private property,
  • Hungary is a great investment destination,

  • Hungary has a central location within Europe,
  • Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe,
  • It is easy and cheap to start and start a business in Hungary,
  • Low tax burden (9% corporate tax and 15% PIT),
  • Real estate and corporate investments are easily accessible to foreigners,
  • World-renowned universities

We would like to draw the attention of our clients to the fact that the immigration procedures have rather strict rules, and that in case when it turns out during any procedure that the client has been illegally in the country for even a short period of time, the next procedure will have significantly worse chances to be evaluated positively! That is why it is essential to submit a complete, well-thought-out application in full compliance with the relevant legislation at the time of the first application, in which our experts can help. If you have any questions about your residence, residence permit or your future application, please feel free to contact our team!

If you have any questions about your residence permit or permanent residence permit, contact our team!